Arabic calligraphy

Arabic is a beautiful language, and it has always fascinated me. From the elegance and beauty in the calligraphy to the vast depth of each word and its roots. Thuluth script in particular is renowned for its elegance and beauty, originating in the 9th century it is revered as a pinnacle of Islamic calligraphy and was the chosen script for monumental inscriptions, adorning mosques, palaces, and sacred manuscriptsIts name, meaning “one-third” in Arabic, alludes to the script’s proportional harmony, characterized by elongated verticals, sweeping curves, and ornate detailing.

I started a thulth script with a very talented calligrapher in Dubai back in 2017 and later took the online Masterclass with MyQalamAcademy.

As I delved deeper in learning the Thuluth script it opened up a gateway to another form of self-expression and creativity. Through its delicate strokes and graceful lines, you find solace, meditation, and a profound connection to the artistry that lies within. The discipline required to master Thuluth fosters patience, attention to detail, and a heightened sense of aesthetics—a skill set that extends beyond calligraphy into various other aspects of life. 

It was such a different form of art to alcohol inks,  but one thing was the same, lots of practice!

Keen to begin your own thuluth journey?

I firmly believe that the beauty of Thuluth script transcends cultural boundaries and can be appreciated by people from all walks of life. Learning this exquisite art form not only deepens one’s understanding of Islamic culture but also offers a unique opportunity to connect with a rich heritage that spans continents and centuries.

If you are an Arabic calligraphy enthusiast or just keen on learning then I would highly recommend the MyQalamAcademy course by the talented Omar Uddin. It is an online comprehensive course and has been really valuable in my calligraphy learning experience. All the lessons are prerecorded and you have life time access! It comes with an extensive handbook detailing each letter and its connections. You also get access to their Facebook group were you can submit your work and get feedback. The link below is a commissioned link, so I would be very grateful if you signed up through it. It adds no cost to you but helps me continue making art!

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