About the artist

Hi, I’m Fatima, a self taught modern alcohol ink artist and Arabic calligrapher,  who discovered her love for art on a journey of self healing. I’m currently living in London where I was raised and originally from Iraq.

Alcohol ink as a medium taught me the art of letting go and watching the magic unfold.
Fatima Taher Jewad

Art takes you through a journey..

I am a pharmacist by profession , but discovered my love for art back in 2017 after I had my second daughter. I suffered from post natal depression and needed to find a creative outlet as my therapy. It was a journey of self discovery, learning to let go and finding my passion. 

Alcohol ink as a medium is so much fun to work with. It is spontaneous, dynamic, difficult to control and so mesmerising to watch that once I had ago at it I was hooked. Each piece you create is so unique and different and impossible to replicate and I absolutely love that!

It is my way to reconnect with myself and recharge every evening once my girls were in bed, it is my true happy place. When I’m creating and in my flow state, my mind is silent and calm. I love working with bold and vibrant colours that radiate happiness and beauty.

I have enjoyed exploring different painting techniques, working on various sizes of work and  trying out different and contrasting colour combinations. I’ve attempted alcohol inks on many surfaces, Yupo paper, Nara paper, canvas, cermamic tiles, artboards, mugs, planters, egg holders, plates, glass and aluminium panels.

The Arabic language has always been a fascination for me and so after I started my thuluth calligraphy course, I was determined to add it to my art pieces. Calligraphy unlike alcohol inks requires a lot more precision and pen accuracy, but merging these two arts together worked beautifully.

I often add the words of God (Allah) to my artwork to add to its beauty and to act as a spiritual uplifting reminder of our creator and our true values and principles.

I love spending time with my family, travelling and exploring different countries, adventure and thrills and appreciating the beauty that is nature all around us!

Thank you once again for joining me and I hope you enjoy my work.

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