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I am currently accepting a few commissions a month. I love making commissions and bringing peoples vision to life. I would usually need between 6/8 weeks notice unless I mention otherwise, larger pieces will require more time.


To order your own commissioned piece, I need the following details:

It is always best to provide as much details as possible when ordering a commissioned piece. Once I have provided you with a quote and timeframe I will require a non-refundable 50% deposit prior to beginning the piece.

Prior to starting the piece I also test the colours together especially if I have not worked with that combination before and I will provide you with a rough sketch of how the finished piece will look like.

Any calligraphy will also be sketched separately so you are happy with it before it is scripted on the final piece. I will provide you with a picture of the artwork half way through.

Once the artwork is complete, I will require the remaining 50% payment before it is sent for delivery. All painting will be sent via secure mail. Pickup option will also be available in London.

Due to the nature of the inks, it is impossible for me to exactly recreate a previous piece of mine. Each piece that is created is completely unique and cannot be recreated and that is the beauty of this medium.

If you require framing that is a service I can offer for an additional fee. I also have a framer who can provide custom framing options.


Pricing for commissioned pieces will vary from that of ready made pieces. These prices are a general rough guide and not reflective of any specific painting. It all depends on your requirements. You can choose any size painting you wish. Calligraphy will be an additional cost.

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